By: Deb Fitzpatrick
Genre: YF - Children's & teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Fremantle Press
Published: 28 Aug 2015
ISBN: 9781925162707


Deliveries usually come in a van. Deliveries are often heavy boxes or oddly shaped padded bags. Deliveries do not come late on a school night. They don’t come in a speeding car. And they don’t cry.

When Poppy Campbell’s dad opens the front door to find a small, very distressed child clinging to a green blanket, the family try their hardest to do the right thing. They make the little girl comfortable, call the police, and look after her while the authorities search for her family. Why has this happened? The cops are called in, nappies bought, old toys dug out, and friendships made.


This is a beautiful story about realising that not everyone is as lucky as some.

When a little girl named Mei is left on the doorstep of Poppy’s house, the mystery surrounding how and why she is there starts. Why would anyone leave their own little girl with strangers?

Poppy and her brother Harry live a normal, happy and healthy life with their Mum and Dad. They don’t have much to worry about. There is always food on the table and always someone to take care of them. So the fact that others are not quite as fortunate as them really resinates in young Poppy.

Poppy’s family do everything they can to look after Mei for the short time she is with them, but when Family Services take Mei to a foster home, they all have very mixed emotions. Will Mei’s parents eventually be found and will they be able to take care of her? This is something that Poppy will be thinking about always.

Best suited to middle primary readers.

Reviewed by Sam

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