Subtitle: The Burning Story of Climate Change
By: Carole Wilkinson
Genre: RN - The environment
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 01 Oct 2015
ISBN: 9781925126372


This burning story of climate change is a new book in the award-winning non-fiction series for teens, The Drum.

Talking about the weather used to be small talk, now it's the hottest topic on Earth. We can't survive without Earth's atmosphere, yet most of the time we ignore it. We treat our atmosphere as a rubbish dump for our greenhouse gas emissions. Slowly but surely, what we are doing is changing Earth's climate. Atmospheric cuts through the many voices raised around climate change to tell the story of our atmosphere, what is putting our climate at risk and what we can do about it. This could be the most important book you read in your life.


We don’t usually have a book that is predominantly non-fiction in our selection, however Atmospheric by Carole Wilkinson is an engaging look at climate change and is a story that affects all of us.

It is the latest instalment in the award-winning teenage non-fiction series, The Drum, which combines first-person storytelling with facts to bring the chosen topic, in this case climate change, to life.

Told in her usual straight forward, no-nonsense style, this is a book that takes the reader step by step through the science of climate change. The first-person stories really bring the science to life and make this engaging and accessible.

A perfect read for junior to middle secondary students.

Reviewed by Michelle