Subtitle: Moon Attack
By: Candice Lemon-Scot
Illustrated by: Celeste Hulme
Genre: YF - Children's & teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: New Frontier Publishing
Published: 01 Sep 2014
ISBN: 9781925059090


Jake is sent to remedial space car driving school on the moon.

Nothing could be more embarrassing.

But then he uncovers a plot to blow up the moon and must summon his courage (and space car driving skills) to save everyone.


A great new futuristic sci-fi series for kids that is full of adventure and suspense.

Jake is an eleven year old boy who lives on a space station on Earth - and life on the space station is very different to the lives of normal eleven year olds today!

When Jake is told that he has to go to remedial space car driving school to get his licence, he isn’t happy. All his friends will find out. But when you have failed your driving test 30 times and every other eleven year old drives, what else is there to do?

Jake meets some new friends at the driving school on the Moon but one pupil, Henry, who just doesn’t seem quite right. Can Jake figure out why?

Full of action and mystery, boys and girls 8+ are sure to enjoy this book.

Reviewed by Sam