By: Gabrielle Wang
Published by: Penguin
Published: February 2014
ISBN: 9780143307945


It's 1941... and the war is changing Pearlie's life every day. Darwin is full of soldiers, there's a spy on the loose, and people are turning against Pearlie's best friend, Naoko, just because she's Japanese. When everything falls apart, will Pearlie be brave enough to stick up for what's right, or will her old fears get the better of her?

Meet Pearlie and join her adventure in the first of four exciting stories about a courageous girl in a world at war.


This is another great new story in the every popular 'Our Australian Girl' series.

In this story we are introduced to Pearlie and her friend Naoko. They are best friends living in Darwin during 1941. The war in the Pacific is on everyone's mind and is also impacting on the girls' lives.

Naoko is Japanese and her father is accused of being a spy. Can the girls uncover the truth? Is the mysterious Mr Hunter really the spy? And, if so, how can they prove it?

The girls embark on an adventure that sees them both in danger.

Middle to upper primary girls will be eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

This book was included in our February 2014 Primary Fiction Standing Order selection.

Reviewed by Sam