By: Lisa Limbrick
Illustrated by: Jemima Trappel
Published by: Wombat Books
Published: 1 Oct 2018
ISBN: 9781925563184


There’s only one thing that Nelly dislikes more than jelly, and that’s heights. In fact, she’s terrified of high places! But when she has to climb the magnificent tree to rescue her younger sister’s doll, Nelly has to not only face her greatest fear but a series of unexpected... soggy... squishy... and sticky things. Join Nelly Jelly and her friends for what will be a hilarious, fun and GROSS adventure up into the magnificent tree.


Poor Nelly. She has found herself in a tricky situation!

Frustrated with the annoying behaviour of her little sister Alice, who keeps calling Nelly the name she really dislikes - Nelly Jelly - in front of her friend Hannah, Nelly reacts and throws Alice’s favourite doll high in the sky.

The problem is, the doll doesn’t come down. It is stuck in the tree. How can Nelly get herself out of this one without revealing her biggest fear - heights!

A good story for emerging readers about doing things for your family, making things right, friendship, overcoming your fears, and having a go.

Reviewed by Sam

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