By: Jesse Blackadder
Published by: HarperCollins Publishers
Published: February 2014
ISBN: 9780733331794


From deep in the Kimberley Desert comes a legend of wild brumbies with Arabian bloodlines, who can run like the wind. Paruku, the young bay stallion, flees from humans who invade his desert sanctuary, but is haunted by an ancient memory of being ridden.

Thirteen-year-old Rachel is fast outgrowing her first pony. When her father, an equine vet, is offered the job of catching wild brumbies for Sheik Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai, Rachel travels with him into the remote desert landscape of the Kimberley.

Captivated by the wild power and majesty of Paruku and his kin, she is torn by the prospect of taking away their freedom. But is there a chance she could keep Paruku for herself?

From the award-winning author of 'Stay: The Last Dog in Antarctica' comes a moving tale inspired by the true story of the Kimberley brumbies and their journey to Dubai.



A beautiful story of a young girl who is born into a family of horse lovers: Dad is a vet, Mum trains and breaks in horses and her sister is a champion showjumper.

Rachel just loves trail riding and brumbies so when her Dad is engaged by a Sheik to catch and deliver him twelve wild brumbies from the far north of Western Australia, Rachel is over the moon to be able to go with him.

What follows is a journey of discovery - Rachel has a wonderful feel and affinity with the brumbies but this could also lead to heartache.

Based on a true story, Paruku is a great read for all and will be really loved by ten year old and up horse enthusiasts.