Subtitle: The Mapmaker Chronicles
By: A.L. Tait
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Hachette
Published: 14 Oct 2014
ISBN: 9780734415776


A map of the world? Why did the King need one of those? Besides, everyone knew that if you went too far in either direction you'd fall off the edge, and if that didn't kill you Genesi the dragon of death would be waiting. The King is determined to discover what lies beyond the known world, and has promised a handsome prize to the ship's captain who can bring him a map of the whole globe.

To do that, they'll need mapmakers - and 14-year-old Quinn is shocked to be one of the chosen. While his older brothers long for adventure, Quinn is content with a quiet life on the farm, but when word of his special talent gets out, he has no choice but to pack his bags and join the mismatched crew of slaves and stowaways on board the Libertas.

The other competitors will do anything to win, but the greatest danger may come from the strange sea mon-ster hot on their tail or the mysterious unchartered lands for which they are bound. Nobody knows what lies off the edge of the map, but Quinn is about to find out that it's more than anyone bargained for . . .


This is the first in a three part series for middle readers. An action packed story that sees our unlikely hero Quinn, a quiet farm boy with a photographic memory, plucked from obscurity to become a mapmaker.

These boys then compete to be chosen to accompany one of the King’s three ships that will journey far into unchartered seas to hopefully map the entire globe. But this can only be achieved if recent rumours of the world being round are true - otherwise they will simply fall off the side of the earth.

The King will highly reward the ship with the most elaborate map. Quinn is chosen on the Libertas - whose captain is a slave hoping for his freedom.

An exciting journey follows with some unexpected twists, including a surprising stowaway.

A terrific and fast-paced story that good readers as young as 8 will enjoy.

Reviewed by Rob