By: Vijay Khurana
Illustrated by: Simon Greiner
Genre: Primary Fiction
Published by: Random House Australia
Published: 01/10/2014
ISBN: 9780857983701


A classic tale of a beagle who would be Queen

When the queen of a small kingdom dies without leaving an heir, the mourning citizens are confused. Who will be their next ruler? The royal scrolls state that if there is no heir - no children, no siblings, no aunts or uncles - the queen's best friend must take her place. It just so happens that the queen's best friend is Lucy, her beloved beagle.

The evil Lord Runcible is furious at the thought of a canine queen and plots to seize the throne for himself. So begins a battle of wits between man and dog. A suspicious flea infestation, a dog-napping and an icy cold dip in a river all form part of a thrilling adventure. Will Lucy be able to prove to the people that she is worthy of the crown?


When the much loved Queen dies with no heir, the royal scrolls are dusted off to see who must take the throne.

It turns out that the thone goes to her best friend – and her best friend is undoubtedly Lucy, her pet beagle.

With a flea infestation, an evil Lord plotting to overthrow the new Queen, an unlikely friendship and lovely illustrations throughout, this is a terrific novel for emerging readers 6+.

Reviewed by Rob