By: Peadar O'Guillin
Genre: YFCB - Thrillers (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: David Fickling Books
Published: 01 Sep 2016
ISBN: 9781910989203


What if you only had three minutes to save your life and the clock is already counting down.

Three minutes: you wake up alone in a horrible land. A horn sounds. You realize you’ve been Called.

Two minutes: they're getting closer and despite all your training you’re exhausted, you can't see anywhere to hide.

One minute: you’re glad you can run. Nessa can't, her polio twisted legs mean she'll never survive her Call, will she? Suddenly, a hand grabs your wrist and its more painful than anything you have ever experienced before in your life…

Times up. Could you survive The Call?


A fast-paced, edge of your seat, story for readers who like to be scared.

The Call. It will come for you, and you have three minutes to survive (or not). Imagine living everyday with that dread. Knowing that you will be taken, most likely be horrifically tortured and then killed, and that it could happen at any time.

One by one this is happening to everyone in Nessa’s training school, and soon it will happen to her. Only it’s even worse for her, because she had polio as a child and cannot run unaided. This will make survival impossible in a world where she must run, fight and evade the most evil faeries around… Even worse, although you’re only missing from Earth for three minutes when you get The Call, your time in the other dimension lasts 24 hours. 24 hours on the run. What hope has Nessa got?

With a great mix of mythology, fantasy, and evil creatures determined to get vengeance this book was hard to put down, although I did need a few breaks to regain my thoughts!

It is a fantastic read that will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games, with a bit more horror, and is probably best suited to those 14 and older.

Reviewed by Rob