By: Belinda Murrell
Published by: Random House
Published: May 2014
ISBN: 9780857982056


Everyone in the circus has a secret - Claire's is just more unusual than most . . .

After her grandmother falls ill, Claire finds a sequin star among her treasures. Why does Claire's wealthy grandmother own such a cheap piece? The mystery deepens when the brooch hurtles Claire back in time to 1932. Claire finds herself stranded in the camp of Sterling Brothers Circus. She is allowed to stay - if she works hard.

The Great Depression has made life difficult for everyone, but Claire makes friends with circus performers Rosina and Jem, and a boy called Kit who comes night after night to watch Rosina perform.

When Kit is kidnapped, it's up to Claire, Rosina and Jem to save him. But Claire is starting to wonder who Kit and Rosina really are. One is escaping poverty and the other is escaping wealth - can the two find happiness together?



Belinda Murrell is truly wonderful at making history come alive.

The Sequin Star is a fantastic story full of adventure, laughter and friendship. This time-slip novel is set in a circus during the Great Depression of 1932 when life was really challenging - a very different world to the one Claire was born into.

A great introduction to historical fiction, and based in a time in Australian history that may be unfamiliar to young people, this novel will transport them back to 1932 and, hopefully, enliven their interest in history.

A perfect novel for your higher level Grade 5 & 6 readers, particularly girls and those who have loved Belinda’s previous time-slip novels.

Reviewed by Michelle