By: Dianne Wolfer
Genre: YFH - Fantasy & magical realism (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House Australia
Published: 01 Aug 2016
ISBN: 9780143780557


Isabel is on a plane heading back to her island birthplace in Papua New Guinea. Izzy is looking forward to seeing her family again, but there's another tragic reason for the trip. Izzy's twin brother, Ray, died in a freak diving accident, and Izzy and her mum are taking his ashes home for traditional death ceremonies. After they arrive, Izzy realises things have changed since their last visit.

Logging threatens the community's way of life and sharks no longer answer the song of the shark callers. Izzy's cousin Noah explains that the clan needs someone to undertake a traditional diving ritual.

The person must be a twin from the shark calling lineage. The dive will be perilous. And Izzy is the last twin. Will she have the courage to attempt the dive? And what deep, dark secrets will the ocean reveal if she does?


Izzy’s twin brother Ray has just died in a diving accident in Australia and her Mum decides that they need to take his ashes back to his birthplace and his family in Papua New Guinea.

Her family, and particularly male twins, are known to be the shark callers. They communicate with sharks and other callers telepathically underwater and form a bond that brings harmony and balance to their tribe.

But this balance has been skewed recently with local tribes selling off their land for logging and their reef is dying.

Izzy isn’t male so how is it her uncle and cousin believe she is the one who can save them? And will she survive the deep dive into a treacherous cave system to restore this balance? Is it even worth the risk for this half Australian girl?

This is a terrific discussion starter for lower secondary students with themes of tradition, community, family responsibility and eco-tourism highlighted.

Reviewed by Rob

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