By: Kylie Fornasier
Genre: YFM - Romance & relationships stories (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Penguin
Published: 02 May 2016
ISBN: 9780143573630


I hate the label Selective Mutism - as if I choose not to speak, like a kid who refuses to eat broccoli. I've used up every dandelion wish since I was ten wishing for the power to speak whenever I want to.

I'm starting to wonder if there are enough dandelions. After losing her best friend that night, Piper Rhodes changes schools, determined that her final year will be different.

She will be different. Then she meets West: school captain, star soccer player, the boy everyone talks about. Despite her fear of losing everything all over again, they fall in love without Piper ever speaking one word to West. But can a love mapped by silence last?

Sf Book Of The Month


This is a great read, and I found this book really hard to put down.

Piper Rhodes has Selective Mutism. She can speak perfectly well to her family and to some people, once she trusts them. But she can’t she speak to West.

Piper moved schools for her final year. She needed a fresh start after her relationship with her best friend was torn apart. But making a fresh start at a new school is not easy when you don’t speak, but you know everyone is talking about you.

She is taken completely by surprise when one of the ‘royals’ at her new school, West, takes an interest in her. He is sporty, gorgeous and nice. What would he want with her?

Their relationships grows into more than friendship and Piper realises that everybody has their own struggles, including the seemingly perfect West. But why can’t she speak to him? Will this ultimately be the end of them?

This is not only a love story that will be best suited to girls 15+, but it is a fascinating insight into the world of people living with anxiety disorders.

Reviewed by Sam