By: Stuart Daly
Published by: Random House
Published: April 2014
ISBN: 9780857983275


A brotherhood of treasure hunters. A terrifying enemy. Five young recruits. The race is on.

Caspan hates life as a thief on the streets, so he leaps at the chance to join a secret order sanctioned by the Kind. The Brotherhood seeks the lost magical weapons of an ancient race that will help them fight the Roon, the invading army who creep ever closer.

Defeat seems inevitable, unless Caspan and his fellow recruits - Roland, Lachlan, Sara and Kilt - can set aside their differences and use their new skills to help turn the tide.

With swords strapped to their belts, riding magical beasts called Wardens, they leave the sanctuary of their training ground for their first mission. Will it be their last?



Wow! What an explosive new series by a quickly emerging new Australian talent. This book combines many features of other great series, including Harry Potter, Rangers Apprentice and the Narnia characters.

I absolutely loved it and don't want to give away too much of the story.

I will say that it includes - recruiting a homeless orphan and street thief into an intriguing secret Brotherhood, enabled by the King to help protect his kingdom; mythical beasts that the Brotherhood can summon and who perform marvellous tasks to assist and protect their masters; and an opposing enemy of giants that appear unstoppable.

Wonderful action and intrigue and the forming of bonds of allegiance between our five new Apprentices will ensure the huge ongoing success of this series.

Suitable for all readers 10+.

Reviewed by Rob