Early English

Year 11 + 12 Only

7 November - Early English orders for Year 11 + 12 must be placed by 7 November

19 November - All Year 11 + 12 Early English orders will be delivered to school for distribution to students on 19 November.


Ordering Information

To place an Early English order please ensure you choose "Koo Wee Rup Secondary College" from the list of schools in the ordering portal and select the booklist called "Early English".

All Early English orders must be pre-paid.

Early English orders are delivered to school for distribution to students.

Collection from School

To be confirmed for 2019. More details for 2019 coming soon.






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Download 2019 Booklists

Click on the booklist that you require to download it.

These lists are PDF files and you can save or print them for your reference.

 Early English (Year 11 + 12 only)

 Year 7 Booklist
 S.E.A.L. 1 Booklist
Year 8 Booklist
 S.E.A.L. 2 Booklist
Year 9 Booklist
 S.E.A.L. 3 Booklist
Year 10 Booklist
 S.E.A.L. 4 Booklist
Year 11 Booklist
Year 12 Booklist

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