By: Robyn Bavati
Genre: YFN - Family & home stories
Published by: Walker Books Australia
Published: 7 Jul 2021
ISBN: 9781760653002


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A moving #LoveOzYA novel about loss, first love and being there for your family, no matter what. Sixteen-year-old Jamie lives with his mum and his younger brother Oscar, who has Down syndrome. Though Jamie is still grieving the loss of his dad, life starts to look up when he meets Zara, the new girl at school. When their mum goes away for the weekend, Jamie volunteers to look after Oscar.

But when the weekend is over and their mother doesn’t return, Jamie faces the toughest challenge of his life.

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This is a tremendously heart-warming coming of age novel.

The story follows sixteen-year-old Jamie’s journey, months after the death of his Dad. His younger brother Oscar has Down syndrome, and when his Mum needs to fly to Perth to help her sister through a separation, Jamie offers to stay home and look after Oscar for the weekend.

But then Mum doesn’t come home!

Jamie seriously doesn't know what to do or who to turn to. He thinks it’s probably only because of the huge storm in Perth that she hasn’t returned, but days later, still NOTHING.

He’s already lost his Dad, and had promised his parents that he would always look after Oscar, but now what?

This is a great story for teen readers that would also be an ideal text to use with lower to middle secondary students to explore issues of empathy, compassion, disability and grief. It also looks at first love and friendship, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Rob