By: Pip Harry
Genre: YFB - General fiction
Published by: Lothian Children's Books
Published: 30 Jun 2021
ISBN: 9780734420305


Bridget 'Bee' Ballentine is 12 and starting her first year of high school in the beach suburb Crescent Bay. Still reeling from the departure of her mother for an ashram in India, Bee talks to Buddha and begs for her first period not to arrive. She's not ready to become a woman yet, whatever that means. Although Bee's yet to find her tribe at school, her best friend forever is surfer Leon McKay, also known as the hottest boy in Year Eight.

As long as Leon has her back, Bee can survive the mean girls, her meddling step-mum, Kath, and her swimming nemesis, The Piranha. Over one blistering summer, set against the backdrop of bushfires, smoke haze and water restrictions, Bee will grow up, show up, and make a name for herself.

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Bee is in her first year of high school and is adjusting to this strange new world. She still misses her Mum, who took off to live in an ashram in India. She likes Kath, her Dad’s new partner, and loves her little half-brother Max.

Bee prays to Buddha each day in the hope that she won’t get her period yet, because she is just not ready. She is a great swimmer and in training for the upcoming state championships. So is her best friend since forever, Leon, although he loves surfing more than swimming.

She knows Leon will always be on her side and will always believe in her, no matter how mean some of the other girls get, but does she believe in herself?

I loved this book and I loved Bee. She is uncertain of herself at times, but ultimately realises that she is strong, brave and determined. It is about friendship, growing up and finding out who you are along the way. I also loved Leon, and his wonderful attitude towards Bee and their friendship.

A great book, and many readers will relate to Bee’s journey. This story will most appeal to girls in lower secondary and above.

Reviewed by Michelle