By: DK
Genre: YQM - Educational: Mathematics & numeracy
Published by: Dorling Kindersley
Published: 27 Feb 2017
ISBN: 9781740332019


The unique visual approach of How to be Good at Maths makes basic maths easier to understand than ever before, with short, simple explanations that demystify even the most challenging topics. Find out how much you would weigh on Jupiter, calculate the average age of your football team and even use pizza to understand pesky fractions. Unlike other maths workbooks, How to be Good at Maths introduces each topic with colourful pictures, real-life examples and fascinating facts. Making maths fun and easy, it is ideal for reluctant mathematicians or for revising before a test.



· Numbers – sequences, ordering, multiples, fractions, decimals, percentages, ration, scaling

· Calculating – addition, subtraction, multiplication, factor pairs, long multiplication, divisions, short and long, order of operations, arithmetic laws, using a calculator

· Measurement – length, perimeter, area, triangles, parallelograms, perimeter, capacity, volume, mass and weight, temperature, imperial units, time, dates, calculating with time and money

· Geometry – lines, diagonal, parallel, perpendicular, 2D shapes, polygons, triangles quadrilaterals, circles, 3D shapes, prisms, nets, angles, degrees, angles, using a protractor, calculating angles, coordinates, plotting points, positive and negative coordinates, position and direction, compass directions, reflective and rotational symmetry, translation

· Statistics – data handling, tally marks, frequency tables, Carroll and Venn diagrams, averages, the mean, median, mode, range, using averages, pictograms, block graphs, bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, probability calculating

· Algebra – equations, solving equations, formulas and sequences