By: Caroline Thomas
Illustrated by: Caroline Thomas and Jordana Marshall
Genre: YBC - Picture books
Published by: Redback Publishing
Published: 1 Mar 2023
ISBN: 9781922322944


It's a perfect day in the dues but there's something that doesn't belong ...

When a gust of wind sends all the forgotten things tumbling and twisting and twirling down onto the beach the hungry waves swallow them into the ocean.

Follow a discarded face mask as it journeys beneath the waves through beautiful reefs and the depths of the Great Garbage Patch.

Throughout Into the Ocean nature simply assumes that litter 'belongs'. It becomes a 'perfect' addition to a nest a 'favourite' food and an accepted addition to the natural environment. Only humans can know the dangers of littering and only we can assume the responsibility to stop plastic pollution and help clean up our shared planet.

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