Subtitle: The True Story of the Kangaroo Cup
By: Claire Thompson
Genre: YBC - Picture books
Published by: Redback Publishing
Published: 01 Jul 2023
ISBN: 9781761400254


Lily was 7 years old when she invented the Kangaroo Cup. Today this special invention helps thousands of people all around the world.

Lily's mind is full of wonderful ideas and WHIZZ-BANG inventions. She ponders, puzzles and plans. She studies, sketches and scribbles. When her biggest hero needs a little extra help, Lily knows just what to do. She sets to work on her most important invention yet!

Grandpa is Lily's hero and he has Parkinson's Disease. Follow Lily Borns true story as she sets out to create a spill-proof cup; a Kangaroo Cup!

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