By: Sherryl Clark
Genre: YFS - School stories
Published by: University of Queensland Press
Published: 2 Jul 2021
ISBN: 9780702263231


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Mina wants her own bedroom more than anything else in the whole wide world. And it’s almost ready! Just one more lick of sunny yellow paint and it’s hers.

But when Mina's parents take in an unexpected guest, they give her room away. At first, Mina is too upset to speak. She doesn’t care that this new boy, Azzami, needs a place to stay.

At school, the other kids call Azzami names, and Mina wishes he’d stand up for himself. Then she sees his drawings, and for the first time really thinks about the life of the quiet boy in front of her.

Here is a story about finding friendship where you least expect it and making room for everyone across this big wide world.

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Mina is so excited. Her brand new bedroom is almost ready for her to move in! But then Azzami arrives to stay, and he gets her room instead.

Mina is so mad and upset she can’t speak. No one understands how much she was looking forward to having her own room.

When Azzami goes to school with Mina, he doesn’t speak either, and the other kids pick on him. However, one day in class Azzami starts to draw amazing pictures.

At home, Mina discovers that he has drawn his story and put it on his walls and she sees Azzami in a whole new light.

This is a beautiful story, that is also a wonderful introduction for younger readers to a discussion of refugees and the struggles they face in a new place. Gently written, with great characters and strong themes of friendship and helping others, this book will become a favourite. It is perfect for readers in Year 4 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle