By: David Metzenthen & Michael Camilleri
Genre: YB - Picture books, activity books & early learning material Secondary
Published by: Allen & Unwin
Published: 01 Aug 2014
ISBN: 9781743316245


In one minute of silence you can imagine sprinting up the beach in Gallipoli in 1915 with the fierce fighting Diggers, but can you imagine standing beside the brave battling Turks as they defended their homeland from the cliffs above...

In the silence that follows a war long gone, you can see what the soldiers saw, you can feel what the soldiers felt. And if you try, you might be able to imagine the enemy, and see that he is not so different from you...

In One Minute's Silence, you are the story, and the story is yours - to imagine, remember and honour the brothers in arms on both sides of the conflict, heroes who shed their blood and lost their lives.

A moving and powerful reflection on the meaning of Remembrance Day.


I’ve read hundreds of books in the last few years, but very few have impressed me as much as One Minute’s Silence.

Told in one sentence per page, with stunning clarity and simplicity, David Metzenthen takes a unique and thought provoking look at war.

Accompanied by intricate and highly detailed illustrations, this picture book should be read by every person in Australia, in the hope that we may never forget the sacrifices made so long ago.

Reviewed by Michelle

Teacher notes are available for this title from the publisher, Allen & Unwin. A full version is available at, plus there is a full illustrator’s commentary also available.