By: Sally Murphy
Illustrated by: Simon O'Carrigan
Genre: YFN - Family & home stories
Published by: Walker Books Australia
Published: 7 Jun 2023
ISBN: 9781760655334


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A beautiful and moving story of friendship, family and love from award-winningauthor, Sally Murphy.

Narelle is the queen of her household, ruler of the family and, most importantly,Maddie’s wisest and best friend. So when things are not going right for Maddie, andschool feels like a lonely and sad place, it is Queen Narelle who regally watches,waits and listens to her favourite human in her time of need.

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This is an absolutely delightful story about the special bond and understandingbetween humans and animals, told in alternating verse chapters from Narelle thecat, and Maddie.

Maddie is having a hard time at school. Her friends Nicole and Samira have turnedon her, and she is feeling lonely and isolated.

Her parents seem too busy to notice what is going on, and Maddie is becomingsadder by the day. But not Narelle. She is insightful, and senses that there issomething wrong with her Maddie. Narelle knows that her presence brings comfortto Maddie.

Narelle might be the Queen, but she also knows that it is ‘the big one called Mum’who is the wisest of the wise, and Narelle ensures in her own way that Mum findsout what is going on.

A beautiful story of family support, love, friendship issues and overcoming them,and the joy and love that pets bring to our lives, perfect for middle to upper primaryreaders.

Reviewed by Sam