By: Poppy Nwosu
Genre: YFM - Romance & relationships stories
Published by: Wakefield Press
Published: 1 Sep 2021
ISBN: 9781743058435


The summer is finally here, and Pearl Nash is on a mission to save her slowly disintegrating friendship with a whirlwind end-of-year road trip that is definitely, absolutely, most positively going to solve all her problems.

Except, instead of her best friend Daisy's feet on her dash, suddenly Pearl ends up stuck in the middle of the desert beside Obi Okocha, a boy with a mega-watt smile and an endlessly irritating attitude. Tasked with delivering him to the most epic end-of-year party ever, located in a beach shack in literal middle-of-nowhere woop woop, Pearl Nash is certain that nothing could be worse than this.

She's wrong.

Add in a breakdown, multiple arguments, an AWOL nana and a kiss that was most definitely a huge mistake, and suddenly Pearl has the perfect ingredients for the perfect disaster.

Road Tripping with Pearl Nash is a story about home and family, about breaking apart and fusing together, and, of course, about love.

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Pearl is going on a road trip to check on her Nana, who no one can get in contact with. In reality, the side trip to find Nana is just an excuse to go to a beach party to sort out her friendship with Daisy.

Instead of Daisy in her van, Pearl finds herself travelling with Obi, the most irritating boy she has ever met with the most amazing smile.

What could possibly go wrong?

This is a beautifully written story about friendship, family, growing up and falling in love.

I loved this story. The dialogue and the characters are so authentic it’s almost like you are there with them. Family and friendship shine through this book - how wonderful they are, as well as how complex, messy and confusing they can be.

A wonderful story that readers in Year 9 and up will love.

Reviewed by Michelle