Subtitle: Book 1
By: Lauren Boyle
Illustrated by: Alyssa Mason
Genre: FX - Graphic novels
Published by: Pan Macmillan Australia
Published: 29 Jun 2021
ISBN: 9780648928003


Storm Warning is an adventure story for our times. It is a wake-up call to pay attention to what Earth is telling us through unprecedented weather patterns. This story entangles natural and human-made disasters stretching back from the British nuclear tests at Maralinga to a massively destructive storm in the present day.

The main characters, two teenage friends, and their pet dog, are left to outwit 'mutants' - who have been unwittingly released through a chain of catastrophic and unheeded events. This first book in a new series ends on a frightening scene leaving readers on tenterhooks.


When a massive storm hits Skai’s town, she finds herself home alone. Soon her friends arrive and together they must look after each other as they wait to see how much damage has been done.

But it seems like the storm may only be the beginning of their problems, when they find out that the Maralinga nuclear plant has exploded, and created mutant animals as well as a fire.

The story ends on a knife edge, with Skai and her friends (and readers) left to see what will happen next!

This is the first book in a new graphic novel series that will suit readers in lower secondary and above. I’m sure readers will be very eagerly awaiting the next instalment!

Reviewed by Michelle