By: Ingrid Laguna
Genre: YF - Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Text Publishing
Published: 4 Aug 2020
ISBN: 9781922268754


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Eleven-year-old Jamila is settling into her new life in Australia, along with Mama, Baba and baby Amir. She still misses her home in Iraq, but she's happy to have her whole family safe and together again. Jamila and her new best friend, Eva, sing side by side in the choir at school, and have picnics together on the weekend.

One day, Jamila gets some exciting news-her oldest friend from Iraq, Mina, has been granted a visa to come to Melbourne with her family. Jamila can't wait to see her. She and Eva make a list of all the things they want to show Mina when she gets to Melbourne. But when Mina arrives, things do not go as planned. Mina is tired and anxious all the time, and she and Eva don't get on.

Jamila feels torn between her two friends, and sad that Mina isn't the same funny, cheerful person she remembers. Can Jamila be a true friend to Mina, and help her feel happy in her new home?

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Jamila has moved to Australia from Iraq with her Mama, Baba and baby brother Amir. She is safe and happy, and does everything with her new friend Eva - they make cakes, go to the park, and sing in the choir together. But Jamila still misses Iraq, and especially her friend Mina.

When Jamila’s father tells her Mina and her family are coming to Australia, she can’t wait for Eva and Mina to meet. There are so many things they will be able to do together! But things don’t go to plan and Jamila feels torn all the time – will she ever be able to make everyone happy?

Jamila, Eva and Mina are wonderful characters that readers will love. This is a beautiful story of the struggles and joys of friendship. It’s a story of growing up and making adjustments, and most importantly, being true to yourself. A thoroughly enjoyable read that will most appeal to girls aged 10 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle