Subtitle: for Young Adults
By: Archie Roach
Genre: YFY - True stories
Published by: Simon & Schuster
Published: 3 Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781760858865


‘There are many Australian stories, and mine is just one about what happened to me and other First Peoples of this country. It’s important for me to tell my story - because it’s not just part of my healing but of this country’s as well. We all have a story and as you read this book I would like you to think of your own story, what that means and who is also a part of your story.’

In his inspirational, highly acclaimed memoir- and including reflections from First Nations Elders and young people - Archie Roach tells the story of his life and his music. Only two when he was forcibly removed from his family, and brought up by a series of foster parents until his early teens, Archie’s world imploded when he received a letter that spoke of a life he had no memory of.

It took him almost a lifetime to find out who he really was. Tell Me Why is an unforgettable story of resilience, strength of spirit and hope.

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Tell Me Why is an incredible insight the world of Australian musical genius and Aboriginal elder, Archie Roach.

It tells of his early foster life, to a lovely Scottish couple, where he was known as Archie Cox. The memorable letter he received at school from his sister, and the impact this letter had on his life, and his need to find out who he was and is.

We follow Archie’s journey through alcoholism, to meeting the love of his life, Ruby Hunter. Their struggles with children, and alcohol abuse, with reaching rock bottom, and Archie’s journey out the other side, mostly through his music and with the support of Ruby.

The story also follows his life as a musician and a leader to his people, where Archie found his voice and his place.

Archie is amazingly resilient, with a strength of spirit and love that shines through this story. He is a legendary songwriter and storyteller, with a world wide fan base.

Archie’s story is one that needs to be heard by our teenagers, and with this adaptation of his memoir the editors have ensured that his story can reach teen readers.

With themes of self-discovery, family, love, music and substance abuse, it will be best read by a 14+ reader. It will especially appeal to those who love true stories, and memoirs.

Reviewed by Rob