By: Nat Amoore
Genre: YXZG - Social issues: environment & green issues (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Puffin/Penguin
Published: 2 Jun 2020
ISBN: 9780143796381


Green Peas is our name and pranking's our game!

A symphony of alarm clocks at assembly? Yep, that was us. A stampede of fluffy guinea pigs? It's next on our agenda.

But for me, Cookie and Zeke, it's about more than just fun. We're determined to make a difference. And when the adults won't listen, us kids will find a way to be heard - as long as we can stay out of detention!

No activist is too small, no prank too big... and things are about to get personal.

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Casey and her best friends, Cookie and Zeke, are young environmental activists on a mission!

Their secret group, The Green Peas, want to create awareness and bring attention to causes that they think the adults in their lives should be doing something about. And pranking is the way they choose to go about it!

When they come across the Mayor’s plan to destroy the town park and build apartments, The Green Peas put plans in place to make sure that this does not happen! And for Casey, because of her Mum, the park means far more to her than most.

Readers will love the relationship that Casey has with her Grandpa, and the closeness and understanding that they have. This is a great story about having a go, being determined to make a difference, persistence, family relationships, friendships, acceptance, grief, and of course pranking!

This story will be thoroughly enjoyed by all upper primary students.

Reviewed by Sam