By: Nat Amoore
Genre: YFB - General fiction
Published by: Penguin
Published: 1 Jun 2021
ISBN: 9781760897703


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The rockin' story of two new friends, one arts fiasco and a whole lot of music.
Without music, the world is just blah. That's my take on life, anyway.
Mum says rock is the only music worth listening to, but I think everyone should find their own beat.
When I hear that Principal Keiren plans to cut all of the arts classes at Watterson Primary, there's no way me and my new mate Flynn are gonna let that happen. We're dragging our secret Broadway appreciation society into the spotlight.
It's time for Watterson- The Musical!

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This is the story of one boy’s determination to save The Arts program at his primary school. Mac is in Year 6 and has a secret passion for musicals. He is also an awesome guitar player, and writes great lyrics.

When his teacher introduces him to Flynn, who is in high school, and his secret Broadway Appreciation Society, Mac’s life will never be the same.

Mac and Flynn become best friends, and Mac completely accepts Flynn and his Tourette Syndrome. Flynn writes amazing music, and together they write a musical to save The Arts in their town.

I truly enjoyed this story of friendship, love, family, and most of all, acceptance, and the bravery to just be you and follow your dreams.

It is also an inspiring story of how much you can change the world, if everyone works together, believes in themselves, and are not afraid to ask for help. It takes determination, courage, resilience and lots of laughs to write and stage a musical, and Mac and Flynn have these qualities in spades.

Contrary to popular belief, not all Tourette Syndrome sufferers swear and in this story, Flynn’s go to word is ‘gherkins’. This is a wonderful story about acceptance, as well as helping readers to understand more about Tourette Syndrome.

It is sure to be a hit, especially with music loving and community-minded students. Perfect for all students in upper primary and lower secondary.

Reviewed by Michelle