By: Eileen Merriman
Genre: YF - Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Penguin
Published: 2 Mar 2021
ISBN: 9780143775423


Set in the near future, this first book in a fast-paced trilogy will hook you in from the first page.

Violet Black and Ethan Wright are both in a coma after contracting the lethal M-fever. They have never met-

I couldn't speak, but I was trying so hard to communicate and then... then… I pushed. And something, someone, pushed back. Her name is Violet. Violet, but she is sunshine-yellow, and I need to find her because I think she might be just like me.

But there is a far more serious reason for Ethan to find Violet - the sinister Foundation is trying to hunt them down.

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Set in the near future, the events of Violet Black seem scarily close to feeling like reality. After contracting a virus that is beginning to spread in more places around the world, a group of teenagers develop powers that allow them to do things humans before them never could.

Violet Black is one of these teens, as is Ethan, and they must work together to try to stay alive and figure out their new reality. But can they navigate the complicated world they find themselves in, as well as their feelings for each other?

While you can tell this was written in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, including references to it as a past event, Eileen Merriman has indulged some of the conspiracies out there surrounding Government control and virus origin points to create a dystopian novel that is almost too easy to imagine. It also contains themes of loss, identity, teamwork, trust and the importance of relationships.

The first book in a proposed trilogy, Violet Black is an exciting take on current events which has plenty of topics for discussion. With the dystopian themes, as well as the exploration of the feelings they develop towards each other and some sexual references, this is best suited to readers aged 15+.

Reviewed by Ben