8th May 2019

Lamont Author Night

Robert Newton - George Ivanoff -

Ingrid Laguna

On Wednesday afternoon we had an enthusiastic crowd for our first Author visit of the year. It was fantastic to hear such engaging speakers.

Img 7413 Img 7445

Ingrid Laguna

George, Ingrid & Robert signing books

Img 7439 Img 7430

Robert Newton

George Ivanoff




13th November 2018

CBCA - Night Of Our Stars

 Adam Wallace 1  Allison Goodman 1
Adam Wallace Alison Goodman
Alex Miles 1 Group 2
Alex Miles Group
Carole Wilkinson 1 Dee White 1
Carole Wilkinson Dee White
George Ivanoff 1 Group 1
George Ivanoff Group Again
Judith Rossell 1 Adam Wallace 2
Judith Rossell Adam Wallace
Michael Wagner 1 Serena Geddes 1
Michael Wagner Serena Geddes
Simmone Howell Fiona Wood 1 Katrina Lehman 1
Simmone Howell & Fiona Wood Katrina Lehman



29th August 2018


Wednesday afternoon we had our very first Author Night at out wonderful new premises, with a fantastic turnout and a wonderfully talented group of authors and illustrators who all had enlightening tales to share.

Img 7180 Img 7188
Paul introducing our wonderful speakers Mark Wilson with his new book Toobruk
Img 7195 Img 7203
Illustrator Heath McKenzie using technology to draw Heath on how he constructs Illustrations
Img 7208 Img 7215
Heath with a finished product...of sorts Gabrielle Wang - Image explains it all
Img 7227 Img 7241

Felice Arena

Felice telling us the story of being bumped for Harry Potter



16th May 2018



Wednesday night saw us host another fantastic author visit with yet another great turn out by local teachers and librarians.

We had the pleasure of three very talented authors who gave up their time to speak to the eager audience.

Madeleine West spoke about her excitng new Lily D series, the first book which featured on our Standing Order list for May.

Scott Gardner gave us a fabulous insight into his forthcoming secondary fiction novel "Changing Gear" which will feature on our June Standing Order selection.

The multi talent author and illustrator Jane Godwin spoke to us about "Go Go and the Silver Shoes" as well as "The Silver Sea" both which featured on our March Primary Fiction selection of our Standing Order. She also spoke about the fun filled "Red House, Blue House, Green House, Tree House" whioch featured in our May Early Childhood selection.

We thank all three authors for their generous time. 


Img 2872 Img 2874

Madeleine West speaking about Lily D

Jane Godwin

Img 2878 Img 2879

Scott Gardner with Paul listening on

Our little visitor a baby Wombat also came along



5th March 2018

INKY Awards Long List announced for the INKY YA Book of the Year.

Paper Cranes Don't Fly by Peter Vu

"I am thrilled to review the first book that I have ever had a hand in getting to print. This book was brought by my attention by one of our long term staff, Don Schepis. The novel was written by a friend of his son, and when I was first presented with it, my initial reaction was ‘here we go again’. Being in the job that we are, everybody seems to have or know of a book that “must” be published that we need to read and, to be honest, we are not publishers."

In short, I read the manuscript of this book and I loved it. So we committed to buying it for our Standing Order, and convinced Paul Collins, from Ford Street Publishing, to publish it. The rest, as they say, is history.

(Rob - Lamont Standing Order - August 2017)

We are thrilled with the success of this novel. Peter is fully deserving of the accolades he is now receiving.





30th August 2017




We had the immense pleasure of hosting thre fantastic children's authors at Lamont on Wednesday evening.

Morris Gleitzman was here to speak about all things Felix with the release of his latest book 'Maybe'.

We also had the wonderfully multi-talented Fiona Harris telling us all about the evolution of Mooperland and her exciting new 'Super Mooper' series.

We also had the pleasure of the truely delightful Carole Wilkinson here to give us a back ground of her life story of sorts discussing her new book 'Ten Pound Pom'

Thank you all who attended and we look forward to seeing you all again at our next author evening.


Below are a couple of snaps from the evening.

Img 6433 Img 6431

Fiona Harris with her captive audience

Rob listening to Carole Wilkinson's wonderful story

Img 6438 Img 6464

Morris Gleitzman discussing all things Felix

Morris with the 'Lamont' (DeKoning) family

Img 6455 Img 6459

Fiona with the 'Lamont' (DeKoning) family

Carole with the 'Lamont' (DeKoning) family

16th August 2017

Leading into the 2017 Book Week, I have found some Book Trailers of some of the 2017 CBCA Shortlisted Books for your enjoyment.

Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade by Kate Temple & Jol Temple


Gary by Leila Rudge


One Photo by Liz Anelli (Text by Ross Watkins)


Mechanica by Lance Balchin




18th May 2017


Last night we had three wonderful authors visit us here at Lamont along with over 60 local, and not so local, teachers and librarians who came along to enjoy their stories. It was a wonderful evening and all three authors spoke wondefully in their own unique, special way portraying their love for books and writing for all to enjoy.

Below are a couple of snaps from the evening.

Img 5960 Img 5982

Paul introducing the speakers to the auidence


Skye, Michael and Paul


Img 5986 Img 5961

Paul, Skye, Michael, Paul and Rob


Some of the over 60 Teachers and Librarians listen on




14th February 2017

Nami Island

Children's International Picture Book Awards

South Korea

Maree Coote has also been honoured with a DISTINCTION in the Nami Island Children's International Picture Book Awards for her wonderful title Alphabet City Zoo - Making Pictures With The ABC.

A big congratulations to Maree on this fantastic award and acknowledgment of her underlying talent as a Children's author.

Alphabet City Zoo Cover1 Nami




Bologna Ragazzi Award

Maree Coote, author of Andy Webb - Artist, which has appeared as part of our February Standing Order Picture Story catagory, has just been honoured with a SPECIAL COMMENDATION in the 2017 Bologna Ragazzi Children's International Picture Book Awards in Bologna, Italy for her recent publication Spellbound - Making Pictures With The ABC.

A big congratulations to Maree on this award.

Spellbound Cover Bologna Ragazzi 9780992491758


28th October 2016

Guardian children's fiction prize 2016 shortlist announced

A big congratulations to Zana Fraillon in being shortlisted for the prestigious Guardinan childrens fiction prize for 2016. We had the pleasure of hosting Zana in our office for a group of very lucky school librarians early this year. Hearing her speak and discuss the writing of The Bone Sparrow was truely enlightening and was enjoyed by everyone.

The Bone Sparrow is a real favourite of all of us here at Lamont.


6th September 2016


by Elizabeth Kasmer

This title appeared in our Secondary Fiction catagory in our September Standing Order release.

The first young adult work to win the Queensland Literary Awards Best Emerging Author prize since it was established in 1999.



‘A sophisticated and compelling exploration of race and identity in Australia and the important decisions teenagers must make in the face of peer pressure, but it always honours storytelling over the weighty themes it handles.’ Judges’ comments, Queensland Literary Awards

‘Elizabeth Kasmer’s lyrical prose and realistic depiction of lost teenagers in regional Queensland drew me, almost unwillingly, into Rory’s story. Becoming Aurora is full of heart and hope – a raw and moving story about fighting the right battles and choosing the right side.’ Christine Bongers

ELIZABETH KASMER has been an exchange student, a donor attendant, a receptionist, a carpark attendant, security shredder and a primary school teacher. She has a BA in Humanities majoring in Philosophy, Literature and Studies in Western Traditions. She has always loved books, frequenting her local library as a child. She was enthralled by CS Lewis, embarrassed by Judy Blume, delighted in Roald Dahl, discovered the secret to ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’ and giggled along with Sue Townsend’s dorky and adorable Adrian Mole aged 13 and ¾. She currently lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband, three mini ninjas (cleverly disguised as boys), a dog and a snake. Becoming Aurora is her first novel.