How many books will I receive?

You will receive 9 packages a year with approximately 5 titles per package for Picture Story, Primary Non-Fiction, approximately 7 titles for Primary Fiction and, approximately 8 titles per package for Secondary and 2-3 titles for both Primary and Secondary Graphic Novels per month.

Do I receive any teacher notes or other resources?

Yes, you will receive comprehensive teachers notes for all Picture Story titles. You will receive Book Reviews of all Primary Fiction, Primary Graphic Novels, Secondary Fiction and Secondary Graphic Novel titles, containing reading level recommendations.

What format are the teachers notes available in?

You have the option of receiving either a hard copy, included in your package, via email or both. They are all available online as well in PDF format (click here to access them or select 'Download Teacher Notes' from the Standing Order menu to the left).

What topics or subject areas does the Primary Non-Fiction subscription cover?

We aim to include titles relevant to the Australian Curriculum in this package, but it does depend on what books are published for each month.  We also include some high interest Non-Fiction titles in this subscription.

Are all titles new release?

Yes, all titles in all of our Standing Order packages are brand new titles that have just been released.

What if I subscribe after the beginning of the year? Can my package be adjusted?

Yes - we can either adjust your package so that it is a pro-rata cost from when you sign up and only supply the titles for the coming months or we can supply you with all the books that you have missed up to the time you signed up. It is completely up to you.

What if I have certain subject areas that are not suitable for my school?

We can cater to special requirements. Just tell us at the time of subscription and we will replace any inappropriate titles with another new release title to the same value. For example, we have many Christian schools who take up this option.

What if I am at a single gender or age specific school (e.g. Years 10-12 or Years 5 - 8 only)?

If you inform us at the time of subscribing we will cater for your school individually so that we only supply relevant titles for your school.

Are there any postage charges?

No.  All postage costs are covered by Lamont Standing Order.

Will I know in advance what books I will be receiving?

Yes.  To ensure that you don't double up on books we will advise you each month the titles that will be coming in the following month's package.

What if I receive a book that I feel is inappropriate to our school?

In the unlikely event that you receive a book that you feel is inappropriate for your school please contact Sam, our Standing Order Manager (follow the Contact Us link in the top right hand corner) and we will replace it at no charge to you.

Can I return books that I have received as part of my Standing Order subscription?

In order to offer you the best discount, our Standing Order packages are considered to be a subscription for the year.  As a result, we generally do not allow items received as part of Standing Order to be returned. 

The exception to this is if, on the very rare occasion where you receive a book that you feel is inappropriate for your school, please contact us and we will arrange to replace it.

CBCA Shortlist Offer - 45% off on titles we didn’t include!

If any of the CBCA shortlist titles were not on Lamont Standing Order in the previous year (in the equivalent category as your current subscription), you can purchase one copy of each title that was not on our Standing Order at an amazing 45% off the RRP.

You do not have to have had a subscription with us last year. We will honour this offer if you had the equivalent Standing Order package with another provider last year and they did not include the title. Please note when placing your order if this applies to you.

Equivalent Categories

Our Selection = CBCA Category

Picture Story = Picture Book

Younger Picture Books = Early Childhood

Primary Fiction = Younger Readers

Primary Non-Fiction = Eve Pownall Award

Secondary Fiction = Older Readers

Discount of 15% off the RRP applies for additional copies, items that were included in Standing Order, or items from a category you didn’t subscribe to. 

Why should our school subscribe?

If you are a small school with a tight budget, Lamont Standing Order will provide you with the opportunity to regularly receive the best new books at the cheapest price.

If you enjoy a more substantial budget, you will probably buy most of the books on Standing Order anyway but not at the 25% discount that you receive as a subscriber.

For remote schools that do not have the opportunity to view books from sales representatives, Lamont Standing Order is the best way for you to receive the best new books each month.


Still got questions?  We love to hear from our customers so if this didn't answer your question or you need some more information about Standing Order please contact Sam, our Standing Order Manager, and she will be more than happy to help you (see the 'Contact Us' tab on the top right of this website for contact details).