Upcoming Titles

July 2022


Picture Story



A Puzzle in the Post

by Bob Graham

ISBN: 9781529503319

Jack’s Jumper

by Sara Acton

ISBN: 9781760654054

One Book Was All It Took

by Wenda Shurety & Amy Calautti

ISBN: 9781922539137

The Shop Train

by Josie Wowolla Boyle

Illustrated by Paul Seden

ISBN: 9781922613233

luwa tara luwa waypa

by Dave mangenner Gough

by Illustrated by Samantha Campbell

ISBN: 9781922752062

Dancing With Memories

by Sally Yule with Maggie Beer and Ralph Martins

by Illustrated by Cheryl Orsini

ISBN: 9780733342578

Primary Fiction


A Reluctant Witch's Guide to Magic

by Shivaun Plozza

ISBN: 9781761043994

All Four Quarters of the Moon

by Shirley Marr

ISBN: 9781760899554

Villa and Woof

Mimi is Missing

by Jacqueline Harvey

ISBN: 9781761043314

PD McPem's Agency for Mysterious Mysteries Case 2

The Puzzling Pet Parade

by Anna Battese

ISBN: 9780645218015

August & Jones

by Pip Harry

ISBN: 9780734420350

Rita's Revenge

by Lian Tanner

ISBN: 9781761066009

Primary Non Fiction


Votes for Women!

The story of Nellie, Rose and Mary

by Mark Wilson

ISBN: 9780734420138

Why Is The Sky Blue?

by Heath McKenzie

ISBN: 9780655225324

Early Childood


What to Say

When You Don't Know What to Say

by Davina Bell

Illustrated by Hilary Jean Tapper

ISBN: 9780734421142


by Heidi McKinnon


Great & Small

by Alison McLennan


Primary Graphic Novels


Waffles and Pancake


by Drew Brockington

ISBN: 9780316500425

Cross Bones

A Dog's Breakfast

by Jack Henseleit & Chris Kennett

ISBN: 9781760509255

Secondary Fiction


Cop and Robber

by Tristan Bancks

ISBN: 9781761045943

Completely Normal

and other lies

by Biffy James

ISBN: 9781760508746

The Snow Laundry

by Mette Jakobsen

ISBN: 9781460762080

Sixty-Seven Days

by Yvonne Weldon

ISBN: 9780143777144

The Secrets Act

by Alison Weatherby

ISBN: 9781913322991

Queen of the Tiles

by Hanna Alkaf

ISBN: 9781665917421

Lower Secondary Fiction


The Detective’s Guide to

New York City

by Nicki Greenberg

ISBN: 9781922711748

August & Jones

by Pip Harry

ISBN: 9780734420350

Secondary Graphic Novels



by Thomas King

Illustrated by Natasha Donovan

ISBN: 9780316593052

The Adventure of Dai


by Riku Sanjo

Illustrated by Koji Inada

ISBN: 9781974728930

City of Dragons

The Awakening Storm

by YOGIS Jaimal & Vivian Truong

ISBN: 9781338660425