VCE Orders - Head Start

Please choose 'Emmanuel College (VCE only)' when placing your online order.

Important Dates:

13 November 2019

Orders placed by 13 November receive FREE processing and handling.

Head Start orders can be placed until 13 November and must be collected from school.

There are no packing and handling fees for Head Start orders placed by 13 November.

Orders placed after 13 November will not be available Head Start and our standard postage charges of $9.50 for orders under $100 and $15 for orders over $100 apply.


VCE Collection Date:

Tuesday 19 November 2019

St Paul's Campus - 10am - 11am

Notre Dame Campus - 12pm - 2pm

If you do not collect your order from school on this date and it is PRE-PAID it will be left at the Campus that you have chosen for collection when ordering.

Years 7 - 10 Orders

Please choose 'Emmanuel College (Years 7 - 10)' when placing your online order.

Important Dates:

11 December 2019

Orders placed by 11 December receive FREE processing and handling.

Orders placed on or after 12 December will be charged:

- $9.50 for orders under $100; or

- $15 for orders over $100.

10 January 2020

Orders must be placed by 10 January for collection from school on either of the dates below.


Years 7 - 10 Collection Dates:

St Paul's Campus - 

Friday 17 January 2020, 2pm - 4pm from Study Hall

Notre Dame Campus - 

Monday 20 January 2020, 12pm - 4pm from R 08

You may choose either collection date when placing your order, regardless of which Campus you attend.

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Download 2020 Booklists

Click on the booklist that you require to download it.

These lists are PDF files and you can save or print them for your reference.

VCE Head Start:

 VCE Year 11 + 12 Booklist  

Years 7 - 10:

 Year 7 Booklist

 Year 8 Booklist

Year 9 Booklist

Year 10 Booklist

In search of study guides?

Our list of Study Guides for the 2020 school year will be available online for ordering in late November 2019.

We sell a wide range of VCE study guides and text guides.

To order, select the "Order Now" icon above which will take you to our online ordering system.

From there:

  • login or register
  • select "Add New Order"
  • select "Study Guides" from the drop down list of schools to view and order study guides.

Second Hand in 2020

Please note that second hand books will not be available as part of the booklist from Lamont for the 2020 school year.