By: Coral Vass
Illustrated by: Heidi Cooper Smith
Genre: YF - Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Wombat Books
Published: 22 Mar 2022
ISBN: 9781761110771


When every girl in Year Three gets an invitation to Eve’s birthday party except Amanda, Amanda makes a plan, with the help of the Dolphin Squad, to win herself an invitation before the week is through.

Its OPERATION INVITATION! Amanda tries everything to make Eve like her and get an invitation to the party, until she finally learns its more important to be kind, not for what you can get but because of who you are.

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This is the first title in a great new series for junior to middle primary school students.

Amanda is so disappointed when she is the only girl in Year Three who doesn’t get an invitation to Eve’s party. Her best friends, Lu and Mai, have been invited - and even offer not to go if Amanda can’t.

Even the purple invitations look spectacular, so Amanda sets out to try and get an invitation from Eve. She does everything she can to get to close to Eve and be nice to her, but nothing seems to work. She is all out of options.

The party comes and goes, and Amanda missed going. Can she forgive Eve for not inviting her, or is there more to this situation?

With themes of friendship, problem solving, creativity, kindness and forgiveness, readers are sure to be looking forward to the next titles in this series, which will be part of our Standing Order selections later in the year.

Reviewed by Sam