By: Bon Idle & Mitch Proctor
Genre: FXA - Graphic novels: Manga
Published by: Quarto US
Published: 20 Jun 2023
ISBN: 9780760382349


Alex must balance becoming a superhero tasked with defeating Kaiju, making it as a journalism student, and navigating life as a gay man in modern Europe.

Nine years after a mysterious ecological disaster, journalism students Alex and Rosalia investigate the strange company that rebuilt their city and turned it into a vision of the future—that is, until Alex’s world is turned upside down by a chance encounter with a gigantic monster from another world, a Kaiju, and the mysterious masked hero fighting it! Inheriting the masked hero’s power, Alex must now take on these powerful Kaiju when he transforms into the hero Blaze.

As a gay man, Alex never imagined his cozy college life becoming deadly, but that’s just what happens as his battles uncover an unholy connection between his city, the most powerful company in Europe, and the Kaiju. Can he uncover the secret before it’s too late?

Henshin!, a new, action-packed take on tokusatsu drama, features fiery fights, mysterious conspiracies, and LGBTQ romance for fans of classic Power Rangers and Kamen Rider stories.

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Nine years after the magnetic pulse that took out the technology of their entire city, college journalism students Alex and Rosalia are trying to uncover the truth behind the white knight, tech billionaire Alton Grieves, who saved their city. They don’t believe all the hype, and the fact the truth is never reported makes them suspicious.

Then Alex meets a masked hero fighting a huge monster from another world, a Kaiju. When the masked hero gives Alex his powers – enter Blazing Phoenix - he must now face these monsters to both save his city, but also uncover the truth of who they are fighting for and why?

This is a wonderful adventure that those who enjoy this genre will adore. It contains many action-packed fighting scenes, as well as good versus evil, and a conspiracy of powerful people keeping society in the dark about what is really going on, that will have readers waiting in anticipation for coming volumes. Best suited to readers 13 and older.

Reviewed by Rob