Subtitle: Women Who Were Kings - Book 4
By: Queenie Chan
Genre: Graphic Novel
Published by: Bento Comics
Published: 01 Aug 2023
ISBN: 9781925376104


Catherine the Great is Russia's most famous Empress, a German-born princess who guided her country into its Golden Age. Neglected by her husband as a young woman and eventually seizing power from him, she was a tireless reformer who worked to expand Russia's borders and influence. What were Catherine's biggest moments of loneliness and her greatest triumphs?

Properly researched, lavishly illustrated, and with footnotes and a bibliography, this graphic novel biography is suited for anyone with an interest in the Russian Empress who was known as "The Great" even in her own lifetime.

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This is a fabulous introduction to the story of Catherine the Great, and is part of the Women Who Were Kings series of graphic novels.

Catherine the Great reigned from 1762—1796 and in this easy to read graphic novel we are introduced to her story, starting as a fifteen-year-old who was originally named Sophie, who is summonsed to the Russian Court by Empress Elizabeth as a possible bride for the heir to the throne.

We follow her story of what was a loveless marriage to Grand Duke Peter III, her lonely life after she became a mother, to the uprising that saw her oust her husband and become Empress herself. We learn her story of how she reformed Russia and expanded Russian influence with other countries, but also how she was a great reformer in the areas of arts, culture, education and health, particularly vaccinations.

Full of interesting and historical facts, it is sure to spark your interest and leave you wanting to learn more about the other intriguing women of the past featured in this series. It will best suit readers in lower secondary.

Reviewed by Sam