By: Nova Weetman
Genre: YF - Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Hardie Grant Egmont
Published: 1 Jun 2019
ISBN: 9781760502522


A contemporary pick-a-path series about life, first crushes and friendship, that lets the reader choose how the story goes! 

Mackenzie loves her life in the city. She’s in a band with her bestie, she’s just met a cute boy called Toby, and she doesn’t mind moving between her parents’ places each week. But then her mum decides to move away, and everything changes…

1. When Mack moves to the country with her mum, she starts hanging out with music-mad Laura… and drifting apart from her old best friend, Immy. Are they destined to lose their friendship, especially when Mack’s old band is playing without her? 

2. When Mack decides to live with her dad in the city, she has to put up with his control-freak girlfriend moving in too! But maybe the upcoming Battle of the Bands competition – and getting to know the adorable Toby – will be enough of a distraction…

Follow your heart right to the end, or go back and choose all over again.


The thing I love about this series is that you can read a story quickly if you only choose one ongoing path, and then re-read different paths later. You get a different, easy to read, story lots of times in the same book!

This story looks at the life of Mackenzie (Mack), whose Mum gets a great job in her old country town. Mack must choose to either stay in the city with her Dad and his new girlfriend, or go with Mum. So:

  • city or country

  • Dad or Mum

  • great band with a future or a new start

  • BFF Immy or Granny - Mack’s favourite person in world

You choose Mack’s path with lots of conflicting storylines. Nova Weetman has written a wonderful story (or stories!) that will be loved and re-loved. It will most appeal to girls aged 10—14.

Reviewed by Rob