Subtitle: Book 3
By: James Roy and Lucinda Gifford
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 01 Aug 2016
ISBN: 9781922244956


Chook Doolan wishes he was brave enough to play soccer.

Chook Doolan doesn't want to play soccer. It's scary. Especially when Ashton Findus and Marty Petrovic are on the team. Can Chook ever be brave enough to play soccer?


Poor Chook. He knows he isn't brave and would much rather play chess than sport. At least with chess he knows he cant get hurt!

But when his best friend Joe suggests that he can give him some soccer lessons, Chook reluctantly agrees. Maybe this will help him overcome his fears.

All that Chook wants to do is use his hands, which Chooks knows he can’t do in soccer. When his older brother Ricky suggest that he should be the goal keeper, Chook sees that maybe he can play soccer.

This is a great story about having a go, believing in yourself and with the support and help of others, you can achieve what you thought you couldn't.

Reviewed by Sam