By: Amra Pajalic & Demet Divaroren
Published by: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781743312926


In this refreshing and fascinating collection, twelve Muslim-Australians - some well known, some not - reveal their candid, funny and touching stories of growing up with a dual identity.

Muslim people in Australia come from over seventy countries and represent a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and experiences. Yet we are constantly bombarded by media stories feeding one negative stereotype. What is it really like to grow up Muslim in Australia? In this book, famous and not-so-famous Muslim-Australians tell their stories in their own voices.



Coming of Age presents an incredibly diverse array of experiences of what it is like to grow up a Muslim in Australia.

With stories from the well known, like Rugby star Hazem El Masri and Miss World Australia Sabrina Houssami, to others of lesser fame, all have an important message to deliver.

This book surprised me and I learned of my misinformation where I saw all Muslims as devout believers. Like all faiths, there are the fervent and those who have become either non-practising or atheist.

With varied accounts and displays of religiousness, these short stories will help many Muslims and non-Muslims alike to gain a wider understanding of different experiences of assimilation and acceptance occurring in Australia and, indeed, the world today.

This will be a fantastic addition to all school libraries and will be used similarly to 'Growing Up Asian in Australia' as a great classroom discussion initiator.

Best suited to about Year 9 level.