Subtitle: Tales of Hope in the Holocaust
By: Neal Shusterman
Genre: YFN - Family & home stories
Published by: Scholastic Australia
Published: 01 Sep 2023
ISBN: 9780545313483


Tales of Hope in the Holocaust (Courage to Dream) plunges readers into the darkest time of human history—the Holocaust. This graphic novel explores one of the greatest atrocities in modern memory, delving into the core of what it means to face the extinction of everything and everyone you hold dear.

This gripping, multifaceted tapestry is woven from Jewish folklore and cultural history. Five interlocking narratives explore one common story—the tradition of resistance and uplift.

Internationally renowned author Neal Shusterman and illustrator Andres Vera Martinez have created a masterwork that encourages the compassionate, bold reaching for a dream.

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This book contains a number of short graphic stories that are based on historical events that took place during the Holocaust, and mixes them with inspiring folktales about having the strength to stand up to those in power, and explores the Jewish people’s ability to stand against the horrors of the Nazi regime.

After each story we have a number of pages dedicated to giving the reader the details of the historical events and facts about the fate of these different groups.

The ability of the author and illustrator to brilliantly tie these fables with true inspirational events is incredible.

This is a fantastic graphic novel, in the ilk of Maus, that I am sure will be a welcome addition to high school libraries. It is best suited to readers aged 12 and above.

Reviewed by Rob