Genre: YFB - General fiction
Published by: Serenity Press
Published: 1 July 2022
ISBN: 9780645355987


Jude loved photography. It captured the truth. It shone a light on what was hidden. It proved that every day was not the same, even though it felt like it. Every. Damn. Day. That is, until CeCe came into his life. Could this beautiful mysterious girl from the other side of the world be right about his potential to be a professional photographer or should he listen to his best friend Abel and not rock the boat?

A poignant coming of age story set at the bottom of the world in the remote fishing village of Southport, the Southern most township in Australia. The first book in the Southport Series deals with ancestry, legacy and trauma that defines a generation.

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Set in the remote Southport, the Southern most township in Tasmania, Jude loves his photography. It shows something different in his life that feels the same every single day. But Jude also has his struggles.

His Mum left three months ago, and is divorcing his Dad - an alcoholic whose life is in tatters.

He isn’t the only one. Abel, his best friend, is gay in a small community where both his family and everyone else are homophobic.

And then there is his beautiful piano teacher CeCe, a few years older than him, who has arrived in Southport on her travels. But CeCe has her own struggles too. She was sexually assaulted in her past, and is now struggling with an eating disorder.

Jude just doesn’t see a way forward.

But through the wonders of modern technology, his friends set up a website and start selling Jude’s photography globally for large sums of money. Maybe Jude does have a future after all...

In fact, with each others help, can they all face their own truths and find their place in the world?

A short and sharp story that look at the lives of three young people coming of age, that will appeal to reluctant readers in middle to upper secondary. I really enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Rob