By: Adam Wallace
Illustrated by: James Hart
Published by: Krueger Wallace Press
Published: 01 May 2016
ISBN: 9780994469304


Jackson Payne is back, and the golf course is NOT happy! Jackson's dad is keen for him to take up golf, but Jackson thinks that is only going to lead to disaster ... and he's right!


Poor Jackson! His Dad is trying to once again get him to play sport. And this time the sport is golf.

Jackson has great difficulty following the rules of the sophisticated golf club. How can he get through this without causing a disaster along the way? And when Jackson finds out that the stuffy Englishman, Darnell, who he accidentally knocked out in the clubrooms is their host around the golf course, his day only gets worse...

But there is something about Darnell that doesn’t quite sit right with Jackson. Can he discover what Darnell is really up to without causing a disaster first?

Emerging boy readers who love silly humour will thoroughly enjoy this one.

Reviewed by Sam