By: Juliet Jacka
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Penguin NZ
Published: 27 Jun 2016
ISBN: 9780143309185


Book 1 in Juliet Jacka's addictive new Frankie Potts series for readers aged 7 - 10. Meet Frankie Potts, the village of Tring's number one girl detective. She has flaming red hair, a questioning mind and an addiction to gobstoppers. And she is REALLY good at solving mysteries.

When Frankie is adopted by a dog at the window of her favourite sweetshop, there's detecting to be done. The dog, Sparkplug, is adorable. Even Frankie's formidable Grandma M goes all soft and goopy in his presence. Sparkplug can ride a skateboard like a pro, high-five, dance on his hind legs and sniff out a mystery two houses away. He's the ideal dog for a detective. Sparkplug wants to stay with Frankie and Frankie would dearly love to keep him - but where is he from?

There are other mysteries to solve, and they all seem to be linked: trails of ants; Grandma M's odd behaviour; her secret tattoo . . What? When and WHY did cardy-wearing Grandma get a tattoo?

A circus has just arrived in the village - it seems a good place to start looking for clues. But first, Frankie will have to get Sparkplug past Tring Dog Control and her archenemy, Ralph Peter-McGee.


Frankie Potts is an inquisitive girl who loves mysteries and wants to be a detective. So when she finds a stray dog outside her favourite lolly shop, this is a perfect mystery for her to investigate.

But the discovery of Sparkplug, as she names him, and the quest to find out who his real owner is only leads to more questions and more mysteries to solve. There are even mysteries within her own family— particularly around her Grandma M...

This is a fun new series. Frankie is a great character and readers will love Frankie’s attitude to life. This series will be most enjoyed by girls who love mysteries and like to think of themselves as detectives!

Reviewed by Sam