By: Maddy Proud
Genre: YFR - Sporting stories
Published by: Wakefield Press
Published: 26 Apr 2022
ISBN: 9781743059098


Netball nerd Grace Parker leads a busy life. Not only are there the usual challenges of high school, but Grace and her once enemy, Amber Burns, are trialling for the state under 15 netball team, dreamy aspiring rockstar Sebastian King is paying her a lot of attention, and Grace must decide between doing the right thing by her new netball friend Daisy, or going to the Kings of Linwood concert on Saturday night with her besties, Mia and Stella. She thinks she has the solution, but will they understand?

It’s going to be a big year.

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Grace, now 14, is trying out for the South Australian 15 and Under State Netball team. Her life at home and school is pretty good, and her relationship with the gorgeous aspiring musician, Seb, is coming along nicely.

But tryouts aren't easy as the girls that were in last year’s team try to spoil Grace’s chance of breaking into the team. With typical Grace determination, she makes the team and is off to Nationals.

Can South Australia, who have never won a championship in 15 years, finally break the drought - or will New South Wales just be too good?

This is a fabulous story of the workings of a team sport at representative level. We have the initial competition against each other, as everyone is vying for their own spot, and then the team coming together to work as a cohesive unit to give them a shot at success.

Grace is highly driven, but is always positive. With themes of team building, friendship, romance and the importance of families, this is a terrific novel that is best suited to ages 11 - 15.

Reviewed by Rob