By: Carla Fitzgerald
Genre: YFB - General fiction
Published by: University of Queensland Press
Published: 2 Aug 2022
ISBN: 9780702265587


Imagine your dad gets the top job but isn't exactly up to it. Then he sneaks off on holiday, leaving the country without a leader. What would you do?

When Harper's dad becomes the prime minister of Australia he's terrible at it. He was thrust into the top job after a heroic boogie-board rescue of two kids (and a labradoodle) from a shark attack, but surviving government is proving hard. Their family is a laughing stock, and Dad disappears to a 'conference' - but he leaves his phone behind. With her little sister, Lottie, Harper must secretly take his place and decide on a new policy by the end of the week. She finds herself torn between ideas - should she ban plastic bottles? Or make weekends longer? Can she prove a kid can lead the country better than a grown-up?

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Harper’s Dad is a politician because he believes in more open spaces. When he heroically rescues two kids and a dog from a shark attack, he is suddenly made Prime Minister.

But being the Prime Minister is really hard, and he does not think he is very good at it. When he abruptly departs to a ‘conference’, he leaves his phone behind.

Harper and her little sister Lottie - who is full of great ideas to save the environment - decide that they will pretend their Dad is sick and secretly take his place. But can two kids run the country without anyone noticing?

This is a really fun book about the great ideas that kids have. It is also a wonderful story of facing up to your fears and standing up for what you believe is right - for both kids and adults!

Embracing themes of family, friendship and proving how resourceful and imaginative kids can be, this book will be thoroughly enjoyed by your students in Year 5 and above.

Reviewed by Michelle