By: Adam Wallace
Illustrated by: James Hart
Published by: Kruger Wallace Press
Published: 1 Sept 2016
ISBN: 9780994469328


Jackson Payne is super clumsy, and he, wait for it ... hates Christmas!!!

This is because he has ruined Christmas in the past, but this year he's decided to make it the most Christmassy Christmas EVER ... which could very possibly lead to disaster!


Poor Jackson. He’s been Accidentally Awesome, Blunderingly Brilliant and Disastrously Daring. Now he’s being Clumsy at Christmas...
As usual, despite all his good intentions, Jackson just can’t seem to anything right.

After his disastrous Christmas last year, Jackson first decides to ignore Christmas this year. But with everything Christmas happening around him, he changes his mind and decides instead to go all out this year. But in typical Jackson style, his idea of helping is not necessarily everyone else’s!

Despite all the silliness, it is a fun story about celebrating Christmas with family and extending friendship and kindness to others.

Boys in particular who like a bit of funny humour will find this one a great read.

Reviewed by Sam