By: University of Queensland Press
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Rosanne Hawke
Published: 28 Aug 2017
ISBN: 9780702259609


Jehan closed his eyes to pray, then opened them again. It wasn't a dream. The water was still there - the biggest flood he had seen in his life. For nine-year-old Jehan, life in Pakistan is just as it should be. He attends school, plays cricket with his little brother and fetches water for his family. But when the monsoon unleashes a catastrophic flood, Jehan is swept away from his village and becomes trapped in a tree. Jehan stays alive by rescuing things from the floodwater, but as the days pass with no sign of help, Jehan starts to despair.

Will he ever see his family again? Then Jehan rescues a dog and he is no longer alone. But why does the dog keep swimming away? Where is she going? Eventually, Jehan must follow the lost dog into the floodwater. But will the dog's quest lead them to safety?

Or to more danger? Sensitively told, this important story brings home the horrific reality of natural disasters on the lives of children, families and communities around the world, but celebrates need for hope, kindness and resilience that these situations inspire in their aftermath.


Set in Pakistan, this is a wonderful story about never giving up hope.

Jehan lives in a small village with his Mum, his Dad, and his four-year-old brother in their mud-hut home.

When a terrible flood occurs, the village is lost and Jehan becomes separated from his family. What he then endures and survives shows us the power of the human spirit.

Jehan draws strength from the companionship that he finds in Lali, the lost dog that he rescues. Lali is loving and smart, and Jehan finally takes the risk and follows her through the floodwater. But where will they end up?

This is a beautifully told story about resilience, community spirit, dealing with grief, helping each other, and above all love. With the story told from the perspective of Lali too, you will delight in her intelligent and caring nature, and you will more than likely look at all dogs in a different light after reading this story!

It will be enjoyed by all middle to senior primary students.

Reviewed by Sam