Subtitle: My Teacher's Big Bad Secret
By: Tania Ingram
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Penguin Australia
Published: 01/02/2016
ISBN: 9780143308751


WARNING: This story contains magic, witches, talking animals (well, at least one), potato charms and a huge amount of fun! Cooper is not the beautiful, golden guinea pig of Jinny's dreams.

He's trouble! Not only can he speak and read, he can disappear, hover in the air and teleport small distances. He's obsessed with junk food and full of tall tales, but worse still, Cooper is convinced that Jinny's kindly, elderly teacher, Miss Bunney is a witch.

Come on, Cooper, really?


Jinny has always wanted a guinea pig - a golden guinea pig with soft shiny fur and a pink nose. But when her mum finally relents and lets her get one, he is not what she expected!

The guinea pig that she calls ‘Fuzzy’ soon advises Jinny that his name is ‘Cooper’ - and that’s just the start!

Jinny soon discovers that Cooper is ‘real trouble’. Not only does Cooper talks, he is very demanding, he can turn invisible and he loves biscuits!

But the real trouble starts when Cooper goes to school with Jinny and he is convinced that Miss Bunney, the old teacher with the kind eyes and silver hair, who everyone loves, is a witch!

Jinny and her brother Tyrone attempt to prove him wrong, but could Cooper actually be right?

A fun story that junior girls in particular will love.

Reviewed by Sam