By: Cat Patrick & Suzanne Young
Published: September 2013
ISBN: 9781742977133


Her grandmother is sick, maybe dying. Like the rest of her family, Caroline's been at Gram's bedside since her stroke.

With the pressure building, all Caroline wants to do is escape - both her family and the reality of Gram's failing health.

So when Caroline's best friend offers to take her to a party one fateful Friday night, she must choose: stay by Gram's side, or go to the party and live her life.

The consequence of this one decision will split Caroline's fate into two separate paths - and she's about to live them both.

Though there are two distinct ways for her fate to unfold, there is only one happy ending...


Caroline’s world is at a crossroads. Her best friend Simone wants to party, but her Gram, her favourite person in the world, is in hospital, possibly dying. Go or stay?

So begins a novel of parallel stories in alternating chapters. First a chapter where Caroline stays at the hospital and then the alternative one where Caroline leaves.

A few seconds are required at the beginning of each chapter to place yourself in Caroline’s current situation, where an intriguing story evolves.

One with first love, loss, friendship and struggles, but mostly one of self discovery and
empowerment over your own journey.
Fate may play a fairly strong part in this journey as each story begins to be intertwined at the end.

A particularly enticing read for Year 9 and up girls.

This book was included in our September 2013 Secondary Standing Order selection.

Reviewed by Rob