By: Alex Miles
Published by: Affirm Press
Published: 01/04/2017
ISBN: 9781925475548


Olive’s latest movie has her character bringing a woolly mammoth back from time. But when Olive takes a chance to one-up her nemesis instead of being there for her BFF, she makes a real-life mammoth mistake of her own. Will she be able to make things right?


Olive and Rani are best friends. And even though Olive is a movie star, she is a very level headed one, and her fame has never interfered with their special friendship. Until now!

Olive is on the publicity circuit for her new movie ‘Mammoth Mistake’, with her very annoying and pushy co-star Sofia. Olive tries to ignore all that is going on with Sofia, and concentrate on helping her shy best friend, Rani, prepare her acceptance speech that she will be giving for her winning entry at the Art Show.

When Olive’s two worlds collide, and she agrees to do an interview on the same night as the Art Show just to get back at Sofia, Olive finds herself in a situation that she never wanted to be in.

Can she be the best friend that she needs to be?

This is a wonderful story of true friendship, trust, and forgiveness. It has some very good lessons, and will be loved by middle primary girls.

Reviewed by Sam